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Weddings are the most auspicious events in a person’s life, and as most of us only get married once in our lifetimes, everything must be done perfectly in sync. One such thing is handing out your wedding invitation ecards to family members or friends because it helps to cement family ties. However, Free wedding ecards are now popular for this season and, hopefully, the ones to come. Why, then, is this happening now?

Let’s get right to the reasons why online wedding cards are popular right now.

Ease in delivery

We all know how stressful it can be to hand out invites one at a time and mark people off the guest list.

The worst thing that can happen is when you mistakenly mark down a person to whom you haven’t yet delivered the invitation, increasing the likelihood that you’ll forget to invite someone.

Therefore, online wedding cards are useful because you can create a list and send it to everyone with only one click.


Online wedding cards are incredibly environmental- friendly because they are delivered digitally rather than on paper, which all contribute to protecting the earth.

Consider the thousands of paper invitations that are typically sent out for a large Indian wedding. By not throwing away all of those cards. You not only decrease your carbon footprint but also set an example for other families to follow.

Right move

We are all experiencing a pandemic that affects the entire world, so we need to take preventative measures to deal with it in our day-to-day lives.

The digital invitation aids in achieving that goal because it is very simple to send and recipients can RSVP even more rapidly.

This makes it quicker, simpler, and safer in today’s world for family members and close friends to attend events.


Weddings are lovely, but for the majority of us, they are very expensive. By choosing digital invites for weddings, you can easily save some money, if not a lot.

This is because you just need to complete the design and send out one digital invitation instead of printing hundreds of physical cards.

Let us unlock the magical world of funny and quirky wedding card designs, which range from romantic artwork to fully customised.

You may totally customise each of your online wedding card designs or group cards by selecting. From a variety of vibrant layouts, background colours, text, accents, and motifs to play around with. You can count on a special masterpiece made specifically for you.

Here are some suggestions for making a wedding ecard that stands out.

Tell Your tales

Remember those late-night texting sessions or the pleasant bike rides you took to see the sunrise over the water? To give your guests a peek into your unique relationship, select scenes from your story and turn them into an electronic wedding card.

Along with being incredibly personalised, they also have a distinct and intriguing appearance.

Traditional accents

These invitations are conventional but with a modern touch, making them ideal for cross-continental weddings with a cultural fusion.

Put pop in pop culture with vibrant cartoons and festive backgrounds as you flaunt your customs. You can amusingly introduce your friends to the pomp and ceremony of your wedding.

Arts and hearts

Give a work of art that serves as both your wedding invitation and a gift. Any traditional art form, such as Madhubani, Kalamkari, Tanjore, or Pattacharitra, can be used. To produce an eye-catching e-invite amid the social media shuffle.

Your wedding card might even be printed by your guests as a memento.

Intriguing quirky caricatures

An invitation to a wedding conveys a lot about you and your partner. Use eccentric caricatures to showcase your odd personality and sense of humour.

After all, don’t your pals already know about your eccentric personality? Make your invitation the topic of conversation just as much as your wedding!

Final Thoughts

E-invitations are popular right now. You can use these special and lovely invitation templates and designs to invite guests to any festive ceremony, including weddings, birthday parties, and other special events.

Hope this article of ours helps you make the right decision about the wedding. You can also check out the other blogs on our website.

Something seems missing, a sparkle is less. Why not add to the charm with some very wonderful group cards that have the ability to make multiple people a part of memories. 


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