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8 Benefits of Using AI for Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence aims to imitate human intelligence. It is a powerful tool for cybersecurity.  They also have the ability to protect data sensitive for organisations.

TechRepublic reports that a medium-sized business receives alerts for more than 200,000 cyber incidents every day. This volume of threats is too much for a small team of security professionals. These threats may go unnoticed, causing severe damage to networks.

AI is the perfect cybersecurity solution for companies looking to grow online. For security professionals to be able to protect their organisations from cyber attacks and work effectively, they need support from advanced technologies and intelligent machines like AI. This article examines the benefits of integrating AI and cybersecurity.

Let’s take a look at them:

1. AI learns more over time

AI technology, as the name implies, is intelligent and uses its intelligence to increase network security over time. It employs machine learning and deep learning to understand the behaviour of a business network over time. It detects patterns in the network and groups them. Then, it detects any deviations from the norm and responds to them.

Artificial neural networks can learn patterns over time that can be used to increase security in the future. Potential threats that have similar characteristics to the ones recorded are blocked quickly enough. Hackers will find it hard to defeat AI’s intelligence because AI is constantly learning.

2. Artificial Intelligence Identifies Unknown Dangers

Humans may not be able to identify all threats to a company. Hackers launch hundreds of millions upon thousands of attacks every year with different motives. Unknown threats can cause severe damage to a network. Even worse is the potential impact they could have on a network before they are identified and prevented.

Modern solutions are necessary to stop attackers from using new tactics, such as sophisticated social engineering and malware attacks. AI has been proven to be one the most effective security technologies for detecting and stopping unidentified threats from ravaging companies.

3. AI Can Handle A Lot of Data

There is a lot of activity on a company network. A mid-sized business has a lot of traffic. This means that customers and businesses exchange a lot of data daily. However, security personnel can’t check all traffic for potential threats.

 It can detect and identify threats hidden within the chaos of traffic.

4. Better vulnerability management

Security of a company’s network is only possible through vulnerability management. An average company is exposed to many threats every day, as we have already mentioned. To be safe, it must identify, detect and prevent them. Vulnerability management can be achieved by analysing and assessing existing security measures using AI research.

AI allows you to assess systems faster than cybersecurity personnel and increase your problem solving abilities. AI helps identify weaknesses in business networks and computer systems, and allows businesses to focus on security tasks. This allows you to quickly manage vulnerabilities and secure your business systems.

5. Greater overall security

Every day, the threats to business networks change. Hackers are constantly changing their strategies. This makes it hard to prioritize security tasks within a company. At one time, you may need to deal with phishing attacks as well as a denial of service attack or ransomware.

These attacks are similar, but you need to know how to handle them. Human error and negligence are two of the biggest threats to security. This is where AI can help. It will detect all types and help you prioritize them and prevent them.

6. Duplicative processes are reduced

As we mentioned, attackers are known to change their tactics frequently. The best security practices are the same for every day. They could also feel bored and complacent, which could lead to them missing an important security task or exposing your network.

AI mimics the best qualities of humans and leaves out the flaws. It also takes care of duplicate cybersecurity processes that could bore cybersecurity staff. 

7. Accelerates Response Time and Detection

Protecting your network is only possible with threat detection. It is best to detect untrusted data as soon as possible. This will prevent irreversible damage to the network.

Integrating AI and cybersecurity is the best way to quickly detect and respond to potential threats. AI scans all of your system and looks for potential threats. AI, unlike humans, can identify potential threats early and simplify security tasks.

8. Securing Authentication

Many websites offer a user account option where you can log in to access your services and purchase products. Some websites have contact forms where visitors must fill out sensitive information.  Your visitors will be safe when they browse your network.

AI provides authentication whenever a user logs in to their account. AI can use various tools, including facial recognition, CAPTCHA and fingerprint scanners, to identify users. T

To gain access to company networks, hackers use brute force and credential stuffing. Your entire network may be at risk if an attacker gains access to a user account.


In today’s business environment, it is difficult to keep your network and data secure. AI can make your business safer. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a great tool for business security. We expect that AI will soon be an integral part of business cybersecurity.

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