6 Must Reads to Ace Your in Managerial Economics Assignments

Today, economics has become one of the students’ most desired and wanted subjects. Nowadays, various MNCs are opting for candidates with a degree in economics. Hence, the need for studies and the demand for the offering has increased over the last few years.

Alongside this, the students look for managerial economics assignment help for completing their papers. Apart from online help and other tutoring services, there are more ways to help you write better papers.

So, here is a list of some of the best books penned by managerial economics experts.

1. Managerial Economics: A Problem-Solving Approach by Nick Wilkinson

This book tells a detailed analysis of the main aspects of managerial economics, including the theory of the firm, demand theory, estimation, market pricing, game theory, and more subjects. Alongside this, it includes extensive case studies, review questions, and problem-solving answers that can help you write proper assignments. Furthermore, this book has been extensively reviewed and suggested by the managerial economics assignment help experts for better reading.

The author also incorporated some user-friendly and easy approaches to make the tidbits understandable to the students. Thus, the book tries to invoke methods with simple problems in complex case studies. Overall, this book is a fantastic reference for you to read more about managerial economics and more.

2. Managerial Economics: In a Global Economy by Dominick Salvatore

In the sixth edition of the book, the author Dominick Salvatore synthesizes economic theories, decision science, and some essential aspects of business studies with theoretical conventions to make the studies better among the students. Here, he examined how these significant business aspects interact with firms to reach global profitability and efficiency amidst economic constraints. The book includes 129 real-world case studies and six longer detailed chapters.

The book is divided into five major sections. It starts with the nature and scope of managerial economics. Then, the book goes on to analyze the concept of demand in the second part. The next part includes an analysis of the theory and measurement of the firm’s production. Besides these chapters, the book includes studies on cost analysis, factors for price determination, and more. Thus, this book is highly detailed and ideal for undergraduates and master’s courses in managerial economics.

3. Managerial Economics and Organisational Architecture by James A. Brickley & Clifford W. Smith

The book involves two distinct objectives that approach managerial economics to take valid approaches, including recent economic research and its application to the internal structure of a firm. Although the book is majorly a guide to familiarise the reader with the basic methods, the authors have leveled up to show the organizational structure in detail too.

It consists of three aspects – the chapters on decision rights, methods of rewarding individuals, and structures of evaluating the performances of the individuals and the firms. Therefore, the three components combine to provide an extensive read for better work. Many experts from Managerial Accounting Assignment Help services recommend this book to students for a comprehensive study.

4. Forestry Economics: A Managerial Approach by John E. Wagner

This book introduces the practitioners to the management and economics of the forest department. The book aims for future forest and natural resource managers to understand economic information and its aspects for better economic management. The author, John Wagner, draws references from his twenty years of experience in teaching and working in forest economic management.

Furthermore, the author addressed the drawbacks and unique production processes faced by the natural resource managers and forest departments. Also, the book consists of different case studies on outdoor and commercial recreation, wood products engineering, and more. The case studies are highly extensive that help the student to incorporate them into their managerial economic assignments. Additionally, each chapter of the book teaches various hypotheses that show the working of different economic models. Hence, this textbook provides invaluable and accessible information to help the students do intense research on different areas.

5. Managerial Economics: Tools for Analysing Business Strategy by Thomas J. Webster

After studying various economic models and strategies, you must refer to various tools that will help you work the models. Hence, on that note, this book will be helpful for you. As the name suggests, the book talks about various tools that are developed for identifying optimal solutions for various macroeconomic and entrepreneurial hindrances. Simultaneously, the book explains various quantitative methods to achieve a firm’s organizational stable outcomes.

Furthermore, the book tells about bankruptcy protection and different legal acts that allow the student to know more about them. Thus, many renowned professors and experts from managerial economics assignment help online services recommend this book for close reading to know more about the tools.

6. Managerial Economics for Dummies by Robert Graham

Are problematic managerial economic concepts making your head spin? Then relax. This book includes interesting concepts that have explained complex problems with precision. The book Managerial Economics for Dummies represents all the significant concepts of supply and demand, elasticity, decision making, quantitative analysis of entrepreneurial solutions, rational configuration, critical thinking skills, and much more.

Furthermore, the book serves as a classroom supplement for the students. Therefore, many experts worldwide have recommended it to several students of different levels.


Managerial Economics is one of the recent study areas that many students follow for better prospects. Furthermore, different segregation on this subject has opened new student job opportunities. These books can give you new insight and ideas to enrich and incorporate into your studies. Thus, it is beneficial for budding economists for intensive study. So, follow these book recommendations, and implement them to ace perfect scores for your assignment papers.

Author Bio: John Millar is an economist researcher in the USA. Alongside this, he works as an SME for the managerial economics assignment writing service at In his free time, John loves to travel to his hometown. Read Also: Mini Computers vs. Traditional Desktop Computers

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