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6 Best Travel Destinations for the Students in Porto

Students living in student accommodation Porto can visit these 6 best travel destinations to make their stay interesting.

Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal and is the capital of the Porto District. It is seemingly hewn out of granite close to the mouth of the River Douro. The city dazzles with a fantastic collection of cultural attractions. So, a large number of tourists from different parts of the world visit this city.

On the other hand, a mammoth number of international students can also be witnessed in this city. The University of Porto is a highly popular Portuguese university where plenty of global students show their interests. There are also some fantastic places for student accommodation Porto available, which always remain full with the international students.  

The students also like to visit the travel attractions of Porto. In fact, they have a lot more time as compared to the tourists for seeing the tourist attractions in Porto. During their years of studies, which can usually be three or four years, they can make plans to visit each place, which is not possible for the tourists.

So, here, you will read about some popular travel attractions in Porto, which you can enjoy visiting during your years of stay in this city.

Travel Attractions in Porto

  • Torre dos Clérigos

This is the most visible landmark of Porto. It is a 75-meter-tall and 18th-century granite-hewn rocket. According to some experts in the tourism industry, visiting this place should be a top priority.

You need to do a tough effort to reach the top of the tower because you are required to climb the 240 steps for this. But, when you will reach there, you will be rewarded with some good things. You will be able to witness a breathtaking panorama of the river, the coastline, and the distant Douro valley. Moreover, you will be able to see a bird’s-eye-view of the second-largest city in Portugal.

  • Porto Bridge Climb

It offers one of the most unusual things to do in Porto. Here, you get the chance to climb the arches of the Arrábida Bridge that is set downstream away from the more acquainted Ponte Dom Luís 1.

At the Porto Bridge Climb, you find the guided tours of this iconic structure. Visitors follow a narrow pedestrian staircase and slowly scale the yawning arches for reaching the top of the span, which is 65 meters above the River Douro.

  • Cais da Ribeira

At Porto’s riverside quarter, you find an attractive labyrinth of narrow, winding streets. Zigzagging alleyways and low-slung & sun-starved arcades are other allures here. It faces the River Douro; however, there are terraces of lofty townhouses that are painted in bright mustard, tangerine, and tawny hues.

It is considered the most popular area in the city for relaxation and socialization due to the availability of plenty of restaurants and cafés that are set under the arches along the quayside. Here you can also find good student accommodation Porto. It is also a busy commercial district.

  • Sé (Cathedral)

Exploration of the city’s cathedral is the major part of sightseeing in Porto. This cathedral is a 12th-century landmark and it comprises the appearance of a fortress due to the features like the shadowy complexion of its façade and the forbidding look of its towers.

There are some redeeming features also such as the serene Baroque cloisters that are paneled with sky blue azulejo tiles and a beautiful 13th-century rose window that is set in the west front.

  • Crystal Palace Gardens

This is a verdant paradise with a maze of walkways, sculptured topiary, tree-lined waterways, and a huge domed pavilion. But, it also overlooks the Douro River.

There are many other attractions here to watch it. You also find the Quinta da Macieirinha Romantic Museum, which is worthwhile to visit. Moreover, Porto Municipal Gallery is also available, which offers excellent and free exhibitions. Porto’s book fair is also hosted by Crystal Palace in the month of September.

  • Livraria Lello

This is one of the best places for book lovers. The British newspaper “The Guardian” and travel website “Lonely Planet” has declared it the third most beautiful bookstore in the world.

The newly restored “Decus in Labore” stained glass and a fabulous red staircase are found inside. It is the defining feature of the store, which is believed to have inspired the Harry Potter books authored by J.K. Rowling who once lived in Porto. When you look down, you find a carpet filled with the words that belong to the city.

To Sum Up

The above-mentioned ones are some best attractions in Porto city. In addition to this, there are many, which you can explore. A number of sites provide information on other destinations also.

While living in a place for student accommodation in Porto, you can check which of the tourist destinations is nearest to your room or flat. You can start by visiting that place for sightseeing and can continue to explore more with the excellent public transportation system of the city.


I am Alexa Smith, a digital marketer working in University Living. Our company University Living is a global student accommodation marketplace that helps international students find the best place to stay.

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