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5 Adventurous Tourism Packages In Bhutan

5 Adventure Bhutan Tourism Packages You Need To Try In 2022

Bhutan is a stunningly beautiful country nestled among the massive Himalayan mountains. Bhutan’s culture and heritage have evolved separately due to its extreme isolation. There is much to discover and learn about this country. At the same time, Bhutan has remained a traveler’s paradise over time. Bhutan’s mountains, high altitude lakes, flora and fauna, and many adventure Bhutan tourism packages provide a unique perspective. Nature lovers will be pleased to know that there are plenty of cliffs and rapids to satisfy their desire for adventure sports.

The following are some of the Bhutan tourism packages to enjoy in your trip to Bhutan.

1. Rafting On Whitewater

The Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu rivers are popular river rafting destinations in Bhutan. The Mo Chhu river has a number of class I and II rapids before meeting the Pho Chhu, along with a stunning backdrop of Bhutanese mountains. The best part of the rafting trail is the rapids around Punakha Dzong, the old capital and royal residence before the move to Thimpu. Soon after, you will reach the confluence of the Mo and Pho Chhu rivers. One of Bhutan’s most popular adventure sports tourism package.

2. Crossing Suspension Bridges

While this may not be conventional, it will get your adrenaline pumping and is unmistakably Bhutanese. The suspension bridge in Punakha that connects the historic Punakha Dzong to all the nearby villages was handcrafted several hundred years ago and is considered Bhutan’s longest suspension bridge of its type, yet it barely makes a sound when crossed. Crossing these structures is something you should try and is one of Bhutan’s most unexpected adventure sports.

3. Fishing

This is a patient’s sport. Fishing, on the other hand, provides spectacular opportunities to catch the various types of trout and tuna that are commonly found in the waters of these rivers and is one of the most enjoyable activities in Bhutan. Fly fishing is a popular sport that you can learn from local tour guides after purchasing a fishing permit for around INR 700 per day. However, once there, the high altitude lakes and rivers provide fertile ground for some of the most incredible fish, forever changing the definition of an adventure trip in Bhutan!

4. Trekking And Hiking

The mountainous reaches of the Bhutanese Himalayas are very appealing, and many people go trekking in Bhutan along the various trails that run through the mountains. The Jomolhari trek is one of the most popular Bhutan adventure activities among visitors to the country, offering stunning views and glimpse into the amazing flora and fauna of Himalayan kingdom. Another fantastic adventure is the Druk Path Trek, which takes you through the rhododendron forests. 

5. Motorbiking

Bhutan’s various paved and moderately paved mountain roads are ideal for cycling. Set against the picturesque valleys and mountains, these trails are best explored on bikes, which can be rented in Bhutan’s various towns and villages. Many of these trails have only gradual climbs but steep and exciting descents, so while beginner to moderate bikers are welcome, experts can also have a good time. You can plan a trip with one of the best tour agencies in Bhutan to see the Bhutan tourism places and temples. It helps to refresh and calm your mind and soul. 

Extreme adventure Bhutan tourism packages are common in all mountainous areas, and Bhutan is no exception. Paragliding through the low hills and forests is possible. The height of the plateau, particularly in the scenic Ura Valley, makes paragliding in Bhutan particularly enjoyable. Many people who go paragliding also inquire about bungee jumping. However, bungee jumping is not permitted in Bhutan due to specific safety concerns-Articlespid.

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