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15 Cycling Apparel Brands You Should Know

In the realm of sports gear, cycling clothing is in a class all its own. In addition to the fact that it bears similar obligations as your active apparel (keep you cool, dry, and unrestricted), it needs to fit sufficiently close so as not to create any drag. It’s impressive, then, at that point, that there are so many incredible cycling clothing brands out there making alluring and skilled cycling units for men.

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It wasn’t generally along these lines. For quite a while, cyclists wore weighty, prohibitive fleece dresses. It was scratchy, weighty when wet, and accessible. At last, things changed when an Italian designer by the name of Castelli presented clothing produced using silk textures that were lightweight and cool. Then, after WWII and the presentation of lycra and polyester, cycling pullovers and shorts started to be made only from engineered materials. Accordingly, they frequently took on splendid, ostentatious colorways and flaunted larger-than-usual logos. The look and feel of cycling clothing have changed a little as time has passed. A few brands go for clearly, fun colorways, while others have returned to more basic, old-school plans. We’ve gathered a rundown that runs the range in our gathering of the best cycling clothing brands.


Assos has a long history in the realm of cycling. Back during the 1970s, organizer Tony Maier-Moussa was quick to make a carbon fiber outline and proceeded to spearhead the utilization of more streamlined, manufactured riding clothing. Assos is creating top-quality cycling gear, from face cloth shorts to shirts, coats, and gloves.


This youthful upstart from Australia has marked a lot of its personality on being heterodox. Instead of hoping to make napkins and shirts that fit in with the layout and about, they get everybody from road specialists to customarily prepared style architects to make their exceptional packs. What’s more, the extent to which quality goes, these folks have it on lock. They send their plans to Italy, where they’re all produced hard.

3. Black Sheep Cycling

Black Sheep cycling has a primary mission. They need to close the hole between what you wear off the bicycle and what you wear on it. Instead of making dorky shirts and kiddie apron shorts that seem to be quick bulletins, they set up straightforward, appealing stuff that capabilities staggeringly well and looks far and away superior.

4. Rhythm

Established in 2003 by an ex-bike courier from San Francisco, California – Cadence dependably creates basic, clean, and nice stuff for riders, everything being equal. Whether you’re on the chase after some chin-wiper shorts, another vest, or a protected riding coat – they have everything.

5. Bistro Du Cycliste

At the center of Cafe du Cyliste’s plan reasoning is the possibility that style shouldn’t think twice. Indeed, even a glance at the French cycling clothing brand’s stuff, and you’ll see that this establishing chief appears in each piece they produce. They’re ready to achieve this greatly since they work with small and medium-sized manufacturing plants where tender loving care and quality control are fundamental to the interaction.

6. God and Famous

Cycling on picturesque back roads and cycling in the city requires similar stuff – yet the vibe is unique. Or, to put it another way, spotting cows isn’t the same as avoiding trucks. So It would seem OK that a brand like God and Famous would need to take on a more unmistakable look from its peaceful friends. This New York City-based brand delivers distinct, intelligent stuff for the track and cycling local area in their home city and boats to urban communities worldwide.


Quite possibly, the most noteworthy thing about the Australian cycling clothing brand MAAP is that they’ve had the option to produce a particular style and look that is quickly conspicuous. For an organization that invests heavily in shunning the old practices of embellishing huge logos on its clothing, that is a genuine achievement. Yet, more than looking cool and feeling perfect – MAAP has excellent client assistance. Take their accident swap program, for example. Give a photograph of your harmed unit and verification of procurement, and they’ll give you 40% off a substitution pack. Have a sad day out and about?

8. Ornot

Making anything in the U.S. is complex. Work is costly, and coordinated factors can be confounded, yet that hasn’t prevented Ornot from sincerely committing to creating all of their cycling gear in the states. However, these folks are about something beyond homegrown creation. The San Francisco-based organization is headed to make gear that is both extraordinarily well-performing and extraordinary, checking a similar break.

9. Pedal

We don’t know why Australia has such a high centralization of cool cycling clothing brands, yet we’re not going to whine. Similar to their friends, Pedla gives a ton of consideration to style. Their pullovers, napkins, and packs have a great, fun focus on them. Yet, besides looking perfect, their utilization of Swiss and Italian textures guarantees that their stuff will perform impeccably.

10. Podia

While many cycling clothing brands like to underscore the way their stuff doesn’t seem to be a quick monster, European brand Podia places its specialized textures and work in the closer view. It is not necessarily the case that their stuff doesn’t look perfect, yet more than whatever else, it performs inconceivably well – whether sticking through traffic or moving up a high grade.

11. Rapha

It isn’t to detract from some other brand on this rundown – however, it is challenging to consider anybody more effective at working out premium cycling clothing than Rapha. The UK-based brand spearheaded the possibility that a brand could make unquestionably top-of-the-line shirts, tuckers, and packs without putting gross logos all over them. Presently, 13 years from their establishment, Rapha’s riding attire is probably the most incredible on the planet. Moreover, they even make great apparel for the bicycle suburbanite who needs to get to work without settling on a style.

12. Search and State

Search, and State is one of only a handful of exceptional cycling clothing brands planning and delivering their products here in the states. And keeping in mind that each piece they make emerges from Midtown Manhattan, they are designed to go as far from the city as riders.

13. Velocio

Planned in the U.K. and made with texture obtained from Italian plants, Velocio consistently joins style with an extraordinary plan. Whether you love engineered textures or more normal materials like fleece – they have the stuff you want.

14. Void

Established in 2013, this Swedish bicycle clothing brand had the particular mission to compensate for the shortcoming of work and play. They’ve done precisely that by delivering top-of-the-line, unbelievably helpful, and appealing cycling attire. Whether you’re searching for coats, chin-wipers, gloves, caps, or shirts – you can track them down at VOID.

15. Volero

Aussie cycling brand Volero pulls a ton of their motivation from the historical backdrop of cycling, yet regarding textures and plan – they’re on the bleeding edge. Accordingly, their stuff puts on a show of being both alluring and inconceivably agreeable to wear for riding.

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