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10 plumbing tips from an expert plumber

Plumbing Tips

If you are reading this plumbing article, you may have a plumbing problem in your home. Below is a solid list of tips from an expert plumber that you can use to help you fix the problems on your own. Keep reading.

Plumbing Product:

First, you should try a live enzyme product like Bio-Clean for maintaining your sewer lines. This way, grease or other by-products can prevent the lines from clogging. Although the product is expensive, it can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

Main Water:

You need to check your lines to find out where the main water line closes. For example, if you reside in a condo, you should check to see if each unit is powered off. Other than that, you might want to check if the whole building needs to be closed. Therefore, this is important if you have a serious leak.

Remove the pipes

You must remove the pipes from the faucets and you must do this before the faucets freeze during the cold season.


You should also make sure that the stops under each sink and at the back of the toilet can be turned without any problem. This way you can close them if something goes wrong.

Shower Valves:

If you are designing a new bathroom, make sure you can access the shower and tub valves from behind the wall. It is not a good idea to place valves on an exterior wall.

New House

If you are buying a new home, make sure the sewer lines have no lay or root problems.

Starch products or coffee grounds

Putting a lot of starch-based products or coffee grounds in the trash is not a good idea. This waste can clog your drain. Likewise, coffee grounds can attract fats that build up over time. While a small amount of these things aren’t a problem, peeling tons of potatoes down the drain can cause you a lot of trouble.


You also need to know where the clean-ups are. It’s really important.

Water pipes:

Over time, galvanized water pipes can rust or corrode. It is a good idea to get copper lines. However, plastic or PEX pipes may cost less, but they are not as durable. Also, they don’t do their job very well.

Cheap accessories:

As the name suggests, cheap accessories are cheap. The problem is that cheap accessories don’t last as long. Plumbers, as well as plumbing products, cost a lot of money. Therefore, it is not a good idea to invest in poor quality accessories.

So, if you have worked on home plumbing projects, we suggest you use the tips given in this article. This way you can be sure that everything will be fine and you won’t end up creating more problems. For tough jobs, we always suggest hiring a good plumber. For More about Home Improvement.

What are all the reasons for a clogged drain and how to fix it?

Before a repair for an unclogging pipe and sewer it is essential to observe what happens when the pipes are clogged:

  • When the plug is light, it will be easy to absorb, and you will simply notice that the water does not drain normally;
  • It will probably be necessary to use much more pointed unblocker equipment to dissolve the clog, if you will find that the water is evacuated but very slowly;
  • When the pipes can overflow, because the water does not flow at all, and its level rises inside the pipes, in this case it will be necessary to unclog urgently.
  • If none of these unclogging techniques work, you probably have more trouble with your sewage system, and you’ll need to call a professional plumber to unclog the clog.

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