06 Best Military Online games 2022

Following are the 06 Best Military Online games in 2022 The actions of this game are based on the events of World War II. You will fight in Europe, tormented by hostilities. Everything is in the best traditions of the genre: an abundance of weapons (and the possibility of modifying them), many game modes, gloomy locations. You can fight for one of three sides: USA, Wehrmacht, British Commonwealth. By winning battles, players will be able to get a promotion.

Another great online shooter in our selection, which you should pay attention to.


The game belongs to the Red Orchestra series, dedicated to hardcore shooters that are tied to teamwork. The entry threshold for Vietnam is moderately high. At first, the game will be reduced to determining which side you were killed from unblocked games 66.

Vietnam is recreate in a naturalistic way, besides, there is enough equipment and weapons. However, technically, Rising Storm 2 is quite outdate, both in terms of graphics and bugs. In the piggy bank of minuses – low online. However, there are not so many analogues, so for lovers of the subject, a must have.


The action of the shooter takes place in the Middle East, however, the military conflict is fictitious. The emphasis is clearly on realism, it is very easy to die here, it is enough to get a bullet in the forehead from a pistol.

The battles take place in a limited space, which fundamentally distinguishes Insurgency from its counterparts in the genre. The game is in good demand and will probably live for a long time. Moreover, you can try the first part, the community has not forgotten about it unblocked games 76.


A game from the creators of Verdun, dedicated to the First World War. Again, this is a tactical shooter that is reminiscent of Red Orchestra 2. The developers meticulously approached the recreation of the Eastern Front, which may also interest history buffs.

The maps are large and do a good job of recreating the horrors of war. In total, there are over 50 types of weapons in the game, and at the same time, 64 players can be on the battlefield in one of the modes, including bots, which, in which case, will help fill the server.


Quite an interesting project that sends players to 1862. This is the date of the Maryland Company when the US Civil War was going on. History buffs of the States will surely be delighted.

At least the game is unique, there are practically no competitors. Realism is at its best, starting from the recreation of that relatively distant era and ending with combat movement. Unfortunately, War of Rights has been in early access for a long time, but updates are coming.

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A VR shooter that has been languishing in Early Access since 2016 . There are two factions in Onward, militarists and rebels, the former have a lot of modern equipment.

Obviously, the game is aim at total immersion, even other realistic shooters (but without VR) may seem like child’s play after the experience in virtual reality. However, Onward does not indulge in abundance, huge beautiful maps and the like.

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